Italy does it again

Just like several countries in Europe, Italy is at the top of the list when it comes to exclusive stuff. We've seen extremely limited editions of Mass Effect 3 and later Halo 4. But among those editions, there's also one less known for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 called the King of Iron Fist Edition. Limited to about 1200 units or so, this editions comes with just an Alisa figure (which is sold separately) and a copy of We Are Tekken edition. To be honest, these don't feel like official stuff even though they probably are.

I managed to grab the King of Iron Fist Edition for a rather cheap price, but without the "We Are Tekken Edition" (which I plan on getting later). It also came with a Tekken Hybrid Collector's Edition (NTSC) without the regular game, which was a nice addition to my collection as well.

Now I just need the games :)

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