'This is the last game I will make', said no Kojima ever.

Okay, this one wasn't exactly made by Kojima, but still, it's another Metal Gear (in title, at least). I was a little envious that the Japanese goto a pretty awesome Play Arts Kai figure of Raiden. I don't really need to have a figure or statue in every edition that I buy but I really expected to see a Limited Edition in Europe with that figure. And that's exactly what they did! The bad news is that the editions come with nothing else but the game and the figure. That's a little poor, but still nice anyway.

This is yet another game I still didn't have the time to play. "So what the hell do you play if you buy so many games?", you ask. Well, I played Tomb Raider recently as well as Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. I've also been playing some older Mega Drive games.  I want to play this game, God of War Ascension and Bioshock Infinite but first I might pick one of those HD collections recently released (probably Zone of the Enders) and give it a try.

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