VITA comes out and what did I get?

Yeah, I'm boycotting VITA.


Not really, I just don't have the money and I really don't feel like buying that console because it didn't impress me that much when I tried it at a demo kiosk... If I had some spare money I'd probably pick it, but unfortunately there's NO WAY I have the money to pay for the console and all the accessories and memory stick knowing that so many things will be coming out in recent months. I'm leaving this console behind. But to be honest, there's another thing that suddenly became a little hard to find in a brand new condition... Mine's an old store stock, but it's new and remains untouched thankfully. I'm talking about the PSP Go. It became a little hard to nearly impossible to find over here and it was discontinued by Sony as you already know. I thought it would be best for me to buy one before it was too late to find one new...

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It's Here?? It's Catherine??

I can hardly believe this game was released in Europe. If it was years ago, european publishers would just ignore this game I bet... I can hardly wait to play this game but I also heard it''s quite difficult. There are two types of tough games: those that are frustrating and those that are not. I seriously hope this game falls in the second option.  I'd rate this edition as 7/10. Why? Because the american version is so much better than this thanks to their original bonuses and even included the preorder soundtrack and artbook inside the original case. In Europe the only retailer that actually had this bonus was GAME, but nothing was known about this. But for a little over 40 euros directly from Amazon, it was an amazing price!
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Zavvi does it again...

And here I am, impatiently waiting for my Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition from Zavvi.com. A couple of weeks ago they posted a video on Youtube, showing someone from Konami unboxing the edition. I immediately realised how fragile the outer cardbox was and I started to imagine receiving the box damaged. I left a comment on that video telling those guys to protect their packages well so they wouldn't arrive damaged. It was the most voted comment (11 votes... not a big deal, but still...).

Finally my order was shipped. It did not come yet because packages from Zavvi take ages to arrive. I wish this wasn't an exclusive edition from their store...

A lot of people started to receive their games damaged or destroyed. Some came with mild marks and creases, whereas others are nearly trashed. Some editions were forced inside smaller boxes where they couldn't fit. Others were placed diagonally. Seriously Zavvi, WHHHYYYY???? I have two editions coming, one for PS3 the other one for Xbox. They'll arrive any time now and I am very sure they'll arrive damaged. I'm quite worried about that. Let's see what's going to happen. I will let you know when they arrive.
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Wait... helicopters? What?

Despite the low prices, the fact is that I still don't have that Limited Edition.... yet. But to compensate for that, I was able to get something very important and specially very beautiful. Sometimes it doesn't take much for me to love a particular edition. Sometimes it's just how it looks, or simply because it's part of a game I love. This is exactly what happens with the Ace Combat Allied Assault Press Kit - or Press Briefing Box to be exact. The outer box is just beautiful, one of my favourites so far in recent times. It also comes with the promo version of the game and trust me - I'll play this one! It's an ace combat after all, one of the first games I ever played on PS1 =)
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