Zavvi does it again...

And here I am, impatiently waiting for my Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition from Zavvi.com. A couple of weeks ago they posted a video on Youtube, showing someone from Konami unboxing the edition. I immediately realised how fragile the outer cardbox was and I started to imagine receiving the box damaged. I left a comment on that video telling those guys to protect their packages well so they wouldn't arrive damaged. It was the most voted comment (11 votes... not a big deal, but still...).

Finally my order was shipped. It did not come yet because packages from Zavvi take ages to arrive. I wish this wasn't an exclusive edition from their store...

A lot of people started to receive their games damaged or destroyed. Some came with mild marks and creases, whereas others are nearly trashed. Some editions were forced inside smaller boxes where they couldn't fit. Others were placed diagonally. Seriously Zavvi, WHHHYYYY???? I have two editions coming, one for PS3 the other one for Xbox. They'll arrive any time now and I am very sure they'll arrive damaged. I'm quite worried about that. Let's see what's going to happen. I will let you know when they arrive.

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