VITA comes out and what did I get?

Yeah, I'm boycotting VITA.


Not really, I just don't have the money and I really don't feel like buying that console because it didn't impress me that much when I tried it at a demo kiosk... If I had some spare money I'd probably pick it, but unfortunately there's NO WAY I have the money to pay for the console and all the accessories and memory stick knowing that so many things will be coming out in recent months. I'm leaving this console behind. But to be honest, there's another thing that suddenly became a little hard to find in a brand new condition... Mine's an old store stock, but it's new and remains untouched thankfully. I'm talking about the PSP Go. It became a little hard to nearly impossible to find over here and it was discontinued by Sony as you already know. I thought it would be best for me to buy one before it was too late to find one new...

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