More zombies!

Not too long ago I've added the House od the Dead 2 & 3 Zombie pack to this blog. But recently I found out a pretty impressive pack called Super Zombie Pack that comes with a black shotgun to insert the wiimote and nunchuk. When I received it, it was love at first sight. I am not really a fan of regular game + gun bundles, but I felt in love with this one, it's just awesome!

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Say hi to the THREE new members of the family!

I am still missing some of the main consoles. but in the last few months I was able to get some of those I was missing.

First of all, the Mega CD II. I really don't like Mega CD to be honest, but it still has some pretty good games. Not many, but those few are really worth the system alone. Snatcher should probably be the number 1 title for that console in my opinion.

Seccondly, the Mega Drive I. I already had a few models of Mega Drive II but I was never able to find the first console in good condition and for a good price. I finally found it, and I am very glad that I bought it!

And finally, probably the rarest and most important of them all... Something I did not even know it existed until last year and I never expected to find it so soon: a PAL version of the NES Top Loader. I am so glad that I was able to get such a console in my collection. I did not expect to find one so soon, really!

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The sparkling Spiderman is back.

I've probably said it before but I'll say it again... I didn't like inFamous that much... I find the game unoriginal, GTA-based and a little random... but that's just me. I will probably not play the game but at the very least I had to get the Hero edition and the Portuguese Special Edition as well - both sealed, and shall remain like that. Sometimes I don't know what makes me buy such expensive editions if I don't even like some of the games that much, but I came to a point that is just looks bad to miss on some things like this in my collection...

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It may be Strange, but it's limited above all.

I still don't know much about this game but I know it's a puzzler, for Nintendo DS. And I love Puzzlers. I've checked the reviews and images for this game and I couldn't let go the Collector's Edition of Emily the Strange, limited to 200 units only, signed individually. Still factory sealed and it will remain like that. Impressive huh? It was also a little expensive in my opinion but at least it was worth it - or so I think! There have been way too many PAL limited editions with so few units it's almost scary!
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This came out too soon! It should have been released in 2012!

It may be incomplete, but it was the only "affordable" Motorstorm Apocalypse Press Kit I was able to purchase. I'm glad with it, except for the fact that it's another tin... and it's rusted! Damn :P
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And it's almost 2500

Well, not quite yet there... but I can say that the last games I bought which should arrive soon will be enough to raise my collection to the impressive number of... 2500. This year I was very luck with some deals I found but I am still lacking some rare and important games that I cannot find anywhere besides ebay for stupid prices thanks to stupid sellers around the world who think they have a gold mine instead of a game.

I will make a more detailed post about my collection as soon as I have the time and patience to write about it.
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Once upon a time there was an awesome analog joystick...

... which was released for the PS1 even before the analog / dualshock controller came out. And it totally rocks I must say. I was able to find a brand new of these and I loved it. It's a shame that the controller is so hard to find boxed nowadays!

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Ok so this may be rare but...

... it kinda sucks balls. This is another one of those limited editions released in totally unknown websites for other people around the world. This particular store in Austria released a so called Survival Edition for the PS3 version of the game Sniper Ghost Warrior. The survival edition was limited to 200 units and comes with a REAL ammo tin that includes the limited edition of the game in a card box and a few other gimmicks such as a glowstick, a bandana and cammo make up. Also includes a certificate of authenticity. Sounds cool huh? Yeah, it would be cool... IF ALL THE EXTRA ITEMS INCLUDED DIDN'T SEEM TO COME FROM YOUR LOCAL CHINESE STORE...... And if they spent some time to actually CLEAN the ammo tin they used to put all items... and that's all I have to say.
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This time they did their homework...

The limited Collector's edition of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is the real deal. Well, almost at least... This time that Zen United or whatever that store is called released a fairly better edition with a proper package, unlike that Blazblue fan edition crap. This particular edition does have a real box, individually numbered from 1 to 200. However, those guys are trying to rip off people. How can they force you to pay VAT over the price listed? And on top of that, why do we have to pay so much for postage in Europe? That's ridiculous! The original listed price of £66 suddenly becomes twice as much, and I am not exaggerating. THAT IS RIDICULOUS FOR GOD'S SAKE! But still, I bought it. I'm so stupid that I can't miss these editions... oh well...

And to make things even worse, why the hell are we forced to chose between a limited edition artbook and a regular Japanese artbook? Well I've chosen the Japanese book. Why? The limited artbook is exclusive to this edition. The other book is something that was released in stores so it's a professional stuff. The picture of the edition showed the limited artbook was much smaller /with less pages. Chances were... the limited artbook would be crap compared to the 10th Memorial which is available for sale in several stores. So I decided to buy the 10th memorial artbook. But at the price they asked for this edition, they should pretty much include both books. Why didn't they do that in first place?? Was it hard considering we had to pay over 100 pounds?
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It's so big and fragile it looks like a cardbox to promote the game...

The game that revolutionized graphics, previously only released on PC... why didn't they bring the original game to the current gen consoles? Too bad...

This one got a huge edition called Nano Edition. And I really mean HUGE. The box is really big. I did not play the game, I'm taking a break from shooters because I am not a big fan and I have played enough of these in the last couple of years. I really can't talk much about the game itself but this edition is quite good overall. The statue looks good, though it kinda feels cheap... well, at least it's not "Mortal Kombat" or "Street Fighter 4" cheap. But still kinda lacks details and quality. Overall, I approve it. Just could be a little better in my opinion. The artbook looks pretty good too. It's big enough and really shows some great art. As for the backpack, well, I won't say it sucks because it doesn't, but I think they could have done an even more amazing job than they did. And to be honest, I think it was totally unnecessary to include such a think in a limited edition of the game. It may be just my opinion but it sounds like a lame excuse to release something impressive, big and expensive. The outer box is quite fragile. It would be nearly impossible to buy this through the internet. I bought it for its full price but there are so many lying around in stores getting all beaten that within some months it will be possible to find them for really cheap prices in a bad condition, like it happened with most stupidly overpriced editions released over here. I bought the PS3 verison because it was the only one released over here besides the PC version. Xbox hates Portugal as far as I can tell.

I really don't know what retailers have in their heads to treat such expensive editions like this. Can you imagine, all the collector's editions all smashed and beaten around most stores. Who is the real collector who's gonna pay so much for a messed up edition? Maybe someone who collects crap? I really don't know what people who run those stores have in their heads but they cannot be called brains for sure.
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The hot ladies kill me twice!

Yep, after all these years, Mortal Kombat tries to go back to the original gameplay. The pictures above are from the European collector's edition of the game which is quite poor compared to the US version. I also bought an incomplete press kit for the Xbox 360 but it was the best I could get considering the stupid prices being asked.

I must say that... while being good, this game still fails a little at some points. I loved the story mode but at the same time I think the story is too rushed and a little repetitive at times. But it was still enjoyable. The gameplay for this game is actually quite good for a 3D game compared to the previous releases on PS2. The graphics in my opinion are nothing revolutionary. They are good, but I was expecting a little more realism like the original old gen games. Finally, why was Motaro left away? Well, to spoil the game a little for you, he does appear in the game, the only problem is that you only see him in a couple of sequences and he's not a playable character. Maybe a future DLC will include him? Oh well...

For those who were aware of the cosplays... man those girls were hot! Kitana, Mileena and Sonya. I loved Kitana =) but all were good in my opinion.
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