The hot ladies kill me twice!

Yep, after all these years, Mortal Kombat tries to go back to the original gameplay. The pictures above are from the European collector's edition of the game which is quite poor compared to the US version. I also bought an incomplete press kit for the Xbox 360 but it was the best I could get considering the stupid prices being asked.

I must say that... while being good, this game still fails a little at some points. I loved the story mode but at the same time I think the story is too rushed and a little repetitive at times. But it was still enjoyable. The gameplay for this game is actually quite good for a 3D game compared to the previous releases on PS2. The graphics in my opinion are nothing revolutionary. They are good, but I was expecting a little more realism like the original old gen games. Finally, why was Motaro left away? Well, to spoil the game a little for you, he does appear in the game, the only problem is that you only see him in a couple of sequences and he's not a playable character. Maybe a future DLC will include him? Oh well...

For those who were aware of the cosplays... man those girls were hot! Kitana, Mileena and Sonya. I loved Kitana =) but all were good in my opinion.

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