Ok so this may be rare but...

... it kinda sucks balls. This is another one of those limited editions released in totally unknown websites for other people around the world. This particular store in Austria released a so called Survival Edition for the PS3 version of the game Sniper Ghost Warrior. The survival edition was limited to 200 units and comes with a REAL ammo tin that includes the limited edition of the game in a card box and a few other gimmicks such as a glowstick, a bandana and cammo make up. Also includes a certificate of authenticity. Sounds cool huh? Yeah, it would be cool... IF ALL THE EXTRA ITEMS INCLUDED DIDN'T SEEM TO COME FROM YOUR LOCAL CHINESE STORE...... And if they spent some time to actually CLEAN the ammo tin they used to put all items... and that's all I have to say.

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