Metal Gear Solid 4 big tin

Finally, I managed to grab one of the most important items that I did not expect to win any time soon. It's not the french version that comes with all the leaflets (I was told the leaflets don't come with the tin itself though) but at least I got that huge box that was released in VERY small quantities. This one's the Metal Gear Solid 4 kit given to the media. The press kit I got came from Spain and comes with a factory sealed copy of the game, a giant poster, a t-shirt and the most important thing... the big box. No leaflets like the french version. Hope to get those press leaflets some day or so but right now I'm pretty happy that I got this. I really did not expected to find this any time in the future considering that very very few tins surfaced so far.
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Sonic Rush Adventure promo kit

It's not usual to find these promo editions for Nintendo Games. I guess Nintendo doesn't really care about bribing reviewers like Sony and Xbox with those awesome press kits. But suddenly I was able t find this particular edition for the Nintendo DS. I know there are more out there, but unlike Sony editions these are not wasy to find - at all. I am still missing the Dino Excavation Kit for Spectrobes and Chinatown Wars press kit, but honestly I did not even know there was one similar thing for Sonic Rush Adventures and I'm not even sure if there are any mor eeditions like this besides a particular boxset for Another Code (Wii) I lost once in an auction. Will keep searching and if they exist I will get them some day.

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Fairytale Fights? More like Tragedy Fights...

Okay so this game is... not that fun to play. The concept is quite original I must say. The graphics are good looking and the overall impression of the game is actually positive. Well, at least until you actually go as far as trying to play it... The game is ruined with the average gameplay and repetitive levels that only last for the first 10 minutes of fun you'll have while playing it. And yes, this reminds me of Little Big Planet. A lot. I'd say it's some sort of cheaper ripoff. Except that you take off all the good stuff about customization and add a lot of blood and violence to it (just to make the comparison short...). If anyone could find this game enjoyable, that would be kids. In fact, the game itself looks like it was specifically designed for kids. But then, they added a lot of blood and detailed scenes of the animated characters being ripped to pieces, kinda like Happy Three Friends (only with bad and messed up animation). So basically, they did a game for kids that's not supposed to be played by kids... Does this make any sense at all? I wouldn't say that the game sucks like most of you will think, but it certainly isn't that good either. Anyway, I managed to find this enjoyable boxset that's worth to have in my collection. But this thing actually comes with some candies... Will have to throw them away (they don't even have a best before date, is that even legal?)
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First time I ever found this.

And managed to snatch it into my collection. This thing here is a PSP Go! Explore press kit. Comes with the fancy outer card box. Inside there's another box that holds the GPS device, a demo UMD, the press disc, a good looking booklet and even the PSP Camera. Why they included the camera with this kit surpasses me. The PSP Go Explore was quite expensive and it's no longer found in many places at least over here, so I do think that I made a good deal on this one. It's the first and only I've seen so far so I'm glad I got it.
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The Hunt begins again! And it's better than ever before!

A huge success in Japan, Capcom's Monster Hunter series didn't sell so well outside that country. Still, its popularity seems to be rising quite a bit specially with this new release for the Wii. Unlike the latest collector's editions where nothing but a steel case/slipcase, some crappy artbooks and some DLC codes are included, this one is filled with some pretty useful accessories, such as the Wii speak, classic controller, the game (duh...) and a Lagiacrus statue. An additional Rathalos statue was offered on preorders. I'm pretty glad I got this Ultimate Hunter Pack. The price for all its contents with the game included plus the two busts is unbeatable at the moment. Definitely worth the money.
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Too many Buzz games already. Give it a break will ya?

Not much to talk here, this is just one of the few presskits I am missing for the PS2, the Buzz Hollywood Quiz Press Kit that comes inside one of those film cases made of tin. I hate tin, it gets rusty after a couple of years but I added a speciall coating this time. This edition is not a big deal, but I had the chance to get it... and so I did. I believe it was never opened, but I may be wrong.

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My Wallet... Ends Now!

This game is just awesome. Bigger scenarios than ever, epic battles, more violent than ever... let's say that everything the previous God of War games did good, this one did much better. the official playstation network website ran a competition for the media kit of the game. The media kit is awesome, probably even better than the ultimate edition, except for the fact that there is no OST included. As for the rest of the contents, you get: a custom wooden box, some art cards, a scroll, a coin with Kratos' face, the game, a bonus DVD, a leaflet that's much better than the crappy artbook they included in the PAL version of the game... it only really misses the OST to be an amazing edition.

Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky guys to win one of the 10 kits available in the competition, so I had to buy it. And it was a pain to get tis with all the speculation going on due to bloodthirsty bidders out there. The website states that the value of this edition is about 50 euros, but I guess people prefer to pay at least 6 times that value.
Finally in my collection, the one and only... God of War III Media Kit.

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