Batman rules once again

It's been quite a while since a videogame based in a famous movie or merchandise was considered a hit. Batman, for instance, had all sorts of games for almost every major console. Great games like the SNES version, bad games like the PS1 versions... but finally, several years later, one of the greatest american super heroes ever created so far is finally receiving the treatment it deserves. Dark Knight was a fantastic movie. I am not a fan of Batman - at all - but even so the movie itself was surprisingly good, very good. And now, the newest game known as Arkham Asylum is relased. Honestly, I did not think this game would be that good, but surprisingly enough it's already considered a top choice by most editors and reviewers.

The special edition of this game itself is quite surprising as well - a least at first sight. We probably all knew about it and how good it would look. When it was finally released it really seemed to match our expectations. However, the most important item of this edition, the boomerang (sorry, I can't get used to call it Batarang...) is a major disappointment.

The difference in price between this big boxset and the regular game is small that it doesn't make that much sense to buy the game alone and leave this edition behind. But if you expect to buy this edition specifically because of the boomerang replica which seems to be the most impressive bonus, then think twice. Unless you want it for collection purposes or for the extra content still interests you, the boomerang will probably be a major let-down. The plastic looks cheap and bad, not quite the materials that should have been used. It's completely scratched and looks bad because it was purposely made to look like it was used, just like in the game. And finally, the boomerang and the stand are a single piece, meaning you can't remove the boomerang alone from the stand.

Looking at the original pictures before the edition was released, the boomerang really seems something much bettar than this cheap imitation. It's a shame...

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