A full set of interesting editions

As I've said before, I had a couple of editions in my sleeve but I was waiting for them. Now, to make a brief description of them...

Yes I know you've seen it before. But actually this one is different than the other. The picture included in the frame is not the same Prince but one of the bosses. And this frame is even numbered. I assume that there are more pictures of the other bosses with numbers as well, though I may be wrong, but if I'm rigth (I may be very wrong...) there are 5 diferent boxes and I currently own 2 of them.

This little gem is a FFXII press kit. Compared to its previous kits from VIII and X, this one's a little poor but still includes some nice art cards, a map and other extra stuff. All fit inside a fragile card box.

Bionic commando. Does this even have anything to do with the nes classic? Have to do some research... A promo edition in a nice boxset with a bonus t-shirt.

Ninja blade, a fine boxset that does not even include the game, only the promo stuff.

Now this one looks pretty good and even comes with the retail version of the game. Halo Wars, long box set.

One of the most original editions I've bought in recent times. This edition really seemed nothing special at all, but once I received it I loved it. A square box, completely green with the game logo on it. Once you open it, you see it filled with 9 real tennis balls. I usually take good care of these boxsets, so I only opened the box half way because I was afraid to open it all. But then I realised I was actually supposed to open the box like that when I noticed it was actually a tennis court. Very original indeed, I totaly underestimated this one!

Miss croft has this blue boxset with her sillhouette. Inside there are a few bonus items and a press disc, including an action figure and a t-shirt. Nice one too, but probably not as nice as the previous ones.

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