Slim line now available.

Now that the PS3 slim finally came out, I stumbled across this mint condition PS2 slim model. It's used, but if you're well informed you already know the differences between this and the current PS2 slim on sale. I expect to get the newest model too, but not any time soon.

I won't be buying the PS3 slim now, not even close. The PSP Go is also coming soon but I am not really that big a psp fan to buy yet another PSP especially knowing it will be DL-only without any physical support. I an a fan of physical media. It will be impossible to collect downloadable games when there's no physical support. I understand that the production of millions of games and discs wastes way too many natural resources, and we have to get used to that because soon enought most consoles should all be like this in the near future, meaning it should be the end of physical software, no matter how much we like it or not. So basically, for me, PSP GO and PS3 Slim are out of the question.

PSP Final Fantasy Dissidia version was just released and I expect to buy that console next month. It will be what I call a waste of money in an expensive current gen portable system with little or no use at all. I wanted to buy the Red Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 but I am currently struggling with so many things coming out at the same time that it is impossible to get a hold of everything. So, once again, I have to make decisions and sacrifices (if it's not a sin to apply this word when talking about videogames...) and decide what I really want to buy.

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