As you probably know already, there are some items out there that are very hard to nearly impossible to obtain. My collection has some interesting items, but it is so far away from my goals... Not to mention I don't even have japanese or american games and editions for even a single console that I definitely must buy some time later if I want to have a good collection. And there are some amazing items out there that I never expect to get because they are either too rare or extremely expensive (ever heard of the Tetris for Megadrive? If not, you might be familiar with something more common such as the pal version of Batman and Robin or Fatal Fury Special for Mega/Sega CD...)
This month a miracle happened. The next pictures show something I never expected to get in my collection. These are items I saw in the internet and the same minute I knew about them I told to myself... "Don't even dream, you will never have those in your collection". And, this month, I just proved how wrong I was. From this point onward, "impossible" is a word that I will never tell when I talk about my collection. I know that they are not the rarest thing in the world, there are things out there worth a lot more cash. But to me, to actually reach the day I would own these editions? That's heaven... You will not be surprised because you probably already know them, but there they are: all the 3 Zelda Limited Edition Adventure Sets!

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