New stuff soon

I added some new stuff in my collection. I think I might have finally obtained the 4th commemorative disc for PS1 but to tell the truth I do not know if there are others. Same goes for PS2. Something really important is also coming to my collection but I'll leave that to another time (at least I won't post it until I get my hands on it). This post also means I will stop purchasing games for a while, a few months maybe. I'm nearly broke and I seriously need some time to recover my bank account. I might still pick some important second-hand games I come across. My PS2 game collection is already pretty good, with nearly 150 regular games. From my perspective, once I reach about 210 games I should have cleared my PS2 wishlist and will give priority to older consoles. By the end of the year I expect to clear my Saturn wishlist as well. This is just the beginning of my collection.

While not purchasing new games for a while, I will take this time to add the rest of my collection, from regular games to other special boxes not posted yet. I'll keep updating this slowly. Playstation 3 is almost here but It will be nearly impossible for me to purchase it at this point unless I have the support from close relatives but I'm not the sort that rellies on others just like that.

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