Devil May Cry

When I took my copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X off the self, I realized it had a bonus disc. As I was playing the game and being killed by zombies after a few hours of play, I got bored and turned the console off. But then, when I was going to place the disc inside the case... there it was, the playable demo of a certain game called Devil May Cry. Let's try it out...

...I played and finished the demo. I kinda enjoyed the game but money was short and I deffinitely would not buy it, there were other priorities. Needless to say I ended up purchasing the game. Played till the very end, all difficulty levels, even got an S rank in every mission in Dante Must Die. All done. Some time later, #2 came out and I had to buy it. Unfortunately I did not like it as much. The gameplay was fine, but the storyline did not catch my attention. I finished that game, then by the time I made it to the university #3 came out. I never finished the third one unfortunately. And #4 is coming. Damn I have to catch up fast.

The first Devil May Cry was a reference to me. Finally I bought a game where I could do some nice stunts, fast-paced action, it was a great experience... Okay, Enough talk now.

My collection includes the following: The regular edition of the original game and a Special edition promo version that comes in a card sleeve/digipack. Great-looking, but no big deal here. Then I have two editions of Devil May Cry 2: the retail version and the Limited Promo edition with a pretty cool slipcase. It was not pictured though, but if you'd like to see it just add a comment. Finally I have two limited editions of the third game. In fact they are the regular game with a limited edition cover/slipcase, and that's it. There are two covers, one is exclusive to the UK and the other one is exclusive to Germany. They both look really great and I love artworks such as these. I am still missing the Special Edition of the third game, but that one is fairly common and since I did not finish the third game, now's the chance =).

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