New member: Xbox 360 Slim MW3 edition

As I said before, my Xbox 360 Elite just died on me while I was playing Mass Effect. This thing happened exactly after the new year celebrations, when I decided to play at 1 a.m. I didn't even have the chance to play for 5 minutes before those heartbreaking red lights started to flash. That was nasty. I mean, I've been hearing these stories and watching vids for a vrey long time, and when it finally happened to me it I nearly sh*t bricks.

Before I even decided to buy a slim console, I tried to fix my elite model by myself - I know this could happen again even if I fixed it but I still tried because I wanted to make sure I could save my files, remove my Mass Effect disc from the console and  at least make sure the console is working before putting it to rest inside its original box. I did fix the console and it's now working. Then I went out and bought an Xbox 360 Slim. The best ppackage was in fact the Modern Warfare 3 limited console, with two controllers, headset, 320 GB and the game. I picked it and I'm certainly not regretting. I how have an Xbox 360 Slim version in my collection =)

But then... I just found out something terrible... actually, two things. First, this console I just bought did not come with an HDMI cable. WHAT THE... And secondly, if I wanted to pass the data from my old disc into the Xbox slim, there were several ways and the easiest required me to buy a cable that costs 20 euros. TO HELL WITH YOU MICRO$H*T. I bought the cable for half the price from a local Gamestop. The cable was CLEARLY used but they were selling it as new. Why? Because the cable was either used by an employee or some butthole costumer bought it just to do his stuff and returned the cable. But I don't fall for that sh!t and noticed it had been opened. I am seriously offended by this kind of attitude from shop owners. Seriously.

Then those people at Gamestop thought this cable was for the older Xbox models only and wouldn't work with the slim consoles - or at least the guy who sold me the cable said that, even when its package already had the slim design. I still bothered trying to buy a brand new cable but it was nearly sold out and the only one I found was still selling for 20. No way.

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