Happy birthday Halo. How long has it been already?

Hallo anniversary is the HD version of one of the greatest shooters released on the Xbox. I never really followed the series but I still spent a couple of days playing the original game on multi-player and I must say the experience was quite enjoyable. Fortunately, they decided to release this anniversary edition for a much lower price compared to a new game, and the price already dropped to half over here. There was a Portuguese edition released and I have my copy guaranteed form a friend (unfortunately the price dropped just before Xmas so all copies vanished from stores at that price) but before I was able to find the regular copy I managed to get this promotional pack that comes with the promotional copy of the game (duh...) which also includes a slipcase (not as beautiful as the original one), a t-shirt and a poster, all inside a black UNSC plastic bag. It's no big deal, but when stuff like this is cheaper than the regular game when it comes out, who am I to let it go??

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