Now it's Dragons. What next?

Dragon Age Origins was released some time ago around the world and several editions were scattered through different countries. Some time ago now I was able to buy the collector's edition with the slipcase. ASlthough this edition was not officially released in Europe, it seems that two countries, Singapore and India, received a wooden box. I was very please d to figure out the Indian version is the closest thing to a PAL release (well, it is a PAL release) and even has the PEGI age rating on the box, so I did my best to get this because I was unable to find any other version.

Now that more people know about it's existence, it's becoming more and more sought after. I believe these can still be found in their countries of origin but since the internet sources for it are scarce it's not an easy task to find one. I actually got it off ebay before even knowing what it was. I thought it was some sort of shop exclusive but when I realized there were no more editions for this on sale on ebay for quite a long time (well at least with the PEGI logo) I started to wander where it came from.

Finally, as I was walking around with a friend we visited a flea market and he was lucky enough to buy another collector's edition, but this one was different from my first. His came with two discs, a large metallic box, a cloth map and several leaflets with doenloads as well as a small artbook. This edition was released in other countries like Italy or Spain, but not in the UK, although some time later I was able to buy a fully english copy for PS3. version.

Well, I believe I have all the variants of this CE... except that I think I've seen a smaller CE like the UK one but with a steelbook instead. Since I always try to avoid buying steelbooks and I already have the UK edition, I'll no longer search for more editions. This wooden box is IMO by far the best of them all.

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