Happy New Year 2012

Ahh... it's that time of the year again... Winter comes, with it comes the really cold days, and the rain, and 8 months till summer holidays again... To celebrate the new year 2012, my xbox just died. One of those Elite models that supposedly never have these kind of problems ya know. Ya right... After the celebrations I decided to play Mass Effect. I only played like 3 minutes and it died. The horrible scenario where you see the three red lights flashing before your eyes. So it might really be the end of the world after all!

Nah... I opened the console, trying to fix it. Took every piece apart and found out the problem for this. I can't believe how bad the interior design is. I'm buying a Slim soon, I don't care. I wasn't really expecting to spend my extra money on a new console, but I guess there's no way around... Oh well.

Happy New Year 2012, and get ready for all the insane amount of good stuff that will come out within the next few months!

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