The way I am #8 - This blog

I mainly used this blog to list my collection and the most important items. It's something I did without the intention of showing my collection to everyone. I did this for fun, to see my pictures and my editions listed like this. I come here a lot of times to read the older posts and edit the text sometimes - there are still many errors around, but some I will probably never correct.

As you probably noticed this was the first time I filled this blog with so much text and no pictures at all, turning it into a boring blog. Few people would have the patience to read through all this stuff I wrote, I know they want to see pictures.

The blog will not be flooded with ridiculous amounts of text like this. I will resume to make short posts about the things I own with the usual badly photoshopped pictures I enjoy so much doing. It's been over 5 years since I started this blog and it's still up and running.

For those who had the time to read all this stuff I wrote, I thank you for that :)

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