The gift I bougth myself for birthday

Sometimes I'm lucky. And find some great bargains when I decide to search for them. It happened with some games that I focused on getting, and really managed to get a few time later. Other times, I simply am not lucky. And this game bellow is the greatest example of something I did not buy for ages simply because I trusted my luck and expected to find it for a cheap price. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Not only I was unable to find it, but the fact that I was giving priority to the special editions and promo packs (whose price has been rising stupidly enough) made me dellay its purchase for a long time. Long enough to its price increase significantly.

I usually don't take a picture of a single game if it's something common. But tis one deserves attention though. Not for being rare, not for being special or limited, not for being something I was dying for. But for being a particular game that I decided to buy a long time ago but never managed to do that until now. After such a long time, and thanks to a great, friendly person from the other side of the world who did not mind to send this to me, I finally got it. Not for the price I'd expect to pay some years ago, but deffinitely worth every cent I paid for it. It's just a shame that I barely have time to play it... I don't even own a Mega CD, never managed to get one in the condition I'd like, but that's far from being my greatest sin as a collector. I can still play the game thanks to the only unboxed console I have in my collection (and the fact that it's unboxed is starting to bother me quite a lot - so I guess I already know what's gonna follow next...).

From the genious creator of Metal Gear Solid (or that's what I hear at least), the one and only: Snatcher :). Now that I have the Pal one, gotta find the original japanese version (which is quite easier to get as well as cheaper) thanks to the censorship crap that I really hate. For god's sake, these are fictional games with cartoonish scenes, who the hell would be affected by this?

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Black and white... and red...

Another little thingy above: a promo pack for the game MadWorld on Wii. Gore and Violence at its greatest. Besides the black envelope and the t-shirt, it comes with the cool OST disc, which was also an offer for preorders. I do have the game as well, but I forgot to
include it in the picture :)
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A few new ps1 packs

Yep, new additions for the old sony console. It's funny, I still live the PS1 with such a great intensity that I can't call it "old". It amazes me to think that most of the first PS1 3D games looked impressive at their time and now they mean very little compared to the newest consoles... But who cares, I just love them :)
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Vintage limited editions never get old

This little treasure above was recently added to the collection. A good example of an overlooked item that disappeared for a long time, just to become another illusive collector's piece. And now that it popped from its hideout, it's hitting high values. Master System was my first console ever. This particular edition is the most special thing I have for it and I was not expecting to get it any time sooner in the future. I don't call this a lucky shot because certainly paid more than a lucky dime for sure...
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Happy Birthday to me!

Yep. It's my 26th birthday within less than one hour. I took the day off. To celebrate my birthday, I bought myself a couple of gifts that I have been searching for a very long time. The most important one is right bellow:

The Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition Boxset of a great popular game back in the days: Ecco. It took me a long long time to get this box. It was quite expensive, but after so long without being able to find it, I took my chances and decided to buy it.

On a side note, I kinda feel sad for one thing... Ebay is no longer what it used to be. I am buying less stuff from there right now... Sellers are asking too much for items that were once MUCH cheaper, and buyers are paying ridiculous amounts of money for things that are not worth so much. But it seems that this new reality in the scenario of videogame collecting came to stay... I guess I have to be ready to pay more that I was used to in the past. The real bargains still exist somewhere out there, but they're far more scarce now. Another special thingy will be added soon and I hope new ones become available as well...

There are a few other items I have that ended for an expensive price, but they were, so t say, "affordable". Right now I think that only my zelda boxsets overtake this ecco edition. I'm quite proud of it though, but it was not easy at all for me to buy this thing. Money is an issue, ya know. Wish it wasn't but the lottery doesn't want anything with me. But still, I feel happy for being able to get these games with some sacrifices that only I understand and value. I'll keep sweating till the last drop to keep up collecting.
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