The gift I bougth myself for birthday

Sometimes I'm lucky. And find some great bargains when I decide to search for them. It happened with some games that I focused on getting, and really managed to get a few time later. Other times, I simply am not lucky. And this game bellow is the greatest example of something I did not buy for ages simply because I trusted my luck and expected to find it for a cheap price. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Not only I was unable to find it, but the fact that I was giving priority to the special editions and promo packs (whose price has been rising stupidly enough) made me dellay its purchase for a long time. Long enough to its price increase significantly.

I usually don't take a picture of a single game if it's something common. But tis one deserves attention though. Not for being rare, not for being special or limited, not for being something I was dying for. But for being a particular game that I decided to buy a long time ago but never managed to do that until now. After such a long time, and thanks to a great, friendly person from the other side of the world who did not mind to send this to me, I finally got it. Not for the price I'd expect to pay some years ago, but deffinitely worth every cent I paid for it. It's just a shame that I barely have time to play it... I don't even own a Mega CD, never managed to get one in the condition I'd like, but that's far from being my greatest sin as a collector. I can still play the game thanks to the only unboxed console I have in my collection (and the fact that it's unboxed is starting to bother me quite a lot - so I guess I already know what's gonna follow next...).

From the genious creator of Metal Gear Solid (or that's what I hear at least), the one and only: Snatcher :). Now that I have the Pal one, gotta find the original japanese version (which is quite easier to get as well as cheaper) thanks to the censorship crap that I really hate. For god's sake, these are fictional games with cartoonish scenes, who the hell would be affected by this?

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