The best of two worlds!

In recent times, we have seen some things that seemed impossible in the past. The most "shocking" one is probably sonic competing against Mario in the same game. That would be unthinkable in the past, but today everything's possible. And the latest team up brings us two famous worlds together. On one side, we have the legendary Mortal Kombat warriors and on the other we have the amazing DC Comic super heroes such as Batman. Mortal Kombat is probably among the greatest beat'em ups ever created in videogaming history. The games were quite something during the 2d and 16bit generation consoles. But seems its popularity is now quite far away from what it was. As for DC, we certainly had quite a few interesting games in the past (remember the Batman games on Snes? Those were pretty good!) but these heroes hardly ever appear in any other style besides action games. Ahh good old times where those Disney and hero platformers were amazing...
Above is the MK vs DC press kit. Another collectible I couldn't let go :)

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