Pro Evolution Soccer in my collection? NO WAY!

Well, the title says it all... I hate football (or is it soccer?) the way it is now. I only enjoy playing with friends in real life, but I really don't like watching games on TV and I don't care about who wins/loses. One reason why I hate it is because of its popularity (compared to other sports, specially over here, where only football seems to matter...) and the way a lot of people react when their team wins or loses. Football has too much importance over here and it's considered a priority over interesting tv shows or important news.

Anyway, I am a collector and I still enjoy playing football videogames every now and then (though not for too long). I'd probably skip this game if it wasn't for this particular edition, which I'm pretty happy to own now: the promotional copy of PES 2009 Liverpool Edition. Quite rare, unavailable for sale. It's something really worth collecting for sure!

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