Next week I'll be in holidays. I really need some rest so I'm taking the week to do some things I enjoy but didn't have enough spare time for them. I need to fix the labels on this blog, revise some typos, update my collection and list all my accessories as well - ironically I never paid much attention to accessories besides consoles and games but it's time to change that. In fact I already managed to get some rare ones and I can't even find the basic stuff still boxed...

I'll take some time to go on some small trips around my country to search for game bargains and visit some nice places, as well as meet with other friendly collectors. I'm also making a new blog about videogame collecting for beginners (in my own language though...) and that will take some time. Next update will include some new SNES games. I finally picked a full set from a very friendly person I met on a forum and thanks to that my SNES collection increased from 15 to over 40 mint games and 11 cartridges (I still hope to get the boxes for those some time soon). I am also very very close from reaching the impressive number of 1500 games and editions in my collecion and about 35 different systems. As usuall, I'll make some special posts with my latest favourite items to celebrate that :)

I'm giving priority in protecting my collection. I'll order a cellophane roll to pack all the boxes and editions in order toprotect them from dust and light damage while giving them a clean and crisp look. New screen protectors and labels will be bought to protect most of the systems I currently use from scratches and dirt, specially my 60bg ps3 console which will become an important piece in the future. It will take a lot of time to do all that, but it's all about collecting and the final result will compensate all the work! And, finally I'll also insure my collection and hopefully make some significant changes during summer if I have the chance :)

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