yOu Shot mE DoWn BaNgBaNg!

This game does have some really disgusting scenes. It was awarded for being the game where the F-word is used in a record number of times. And that's no exhageration. I've finished the game once and I've heard the F-word so many times it's almost ridiculous. House of the Dead Overkill marks the return of the well known arcade series to the console system, and it certainly is quite good despite the nasty scenes and obscene language used. It's making fun of movies where the dialogues are as good as crap - except that in this game they're actually fun. And the ending scene is really creepy. I mean, did the weird dude really went up his f**** up mom's... Okay I'm starting to talk like the game, enough here.

The pic above shows the promo release and the AUS exclusive BangBang Box set, smething I decided to buy when I realised the pain it would be to get it in the future. Better look for it now if you want it, otherwise it will be a pain to get, you hear me.

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