The Nomad now has a new home

When we think about nomads, we usually think of those middle-east desert travelers such has Prince of Persia (lame comparison...) that face the desert while traveling through oasis and villages trying to earn their livings not really sure how. That's why I put a house in the desert for the background, see? Nomads... desert... house... er... whatever... In western societies nomads are different. I can't quite figure if nomads are really "extinct" or if globalization and the end of the "one-lifetime jobs" concept is moving more people around the world, creating sophisticated nomads... Anyway (and to cut the crappy speech about nomads), this portable console was never released in Europe but it's a system that allows to play Sega Mega Drive (meh... I prefer call it that way instead of Genesis) game cartridges. That's quite amazing if you ask me. Specially if you have an A/C adapter >_>.

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