Get Together... With PS2?

Let's imagine, you and a bunch of hot babes stand alone at home together and to have some fun you decide to... Play PS2? Yeah sure I'd tell ya what I'd play... Now seriously, Sony tried to innovate by creating party/familly games with additional features "never seen before in videogames". We have Buzz, Eyetoy and Singstar. They all became games with little depth, most of the times repetitive and only worth some hours of serious play. This is just the perspective of a more serious gamer like me. For the casual gamer these might be very entertaining, true. But I guess Sony's objective was to hunt the public that really isn't into videogames by creating something they could simply enjoy. Sony's efforts did pay off, as most of these games were in fact a success, specially the singstar family. Above is a promo pack that features one edition for each acessory in a nice looking pack. Microsoft just picked up the Buzzers idea and made their own called "Big Button" (talking about creative names...), ready to be released for the 360. They better release some special edition such as this one if they want to catch my attention. This is another one of those editions I bought exclusively for collection purposes and not really to play, but that doesn't mean I don't like the games or the edition itself. I just don't take these games just as serious.

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