War of The Monsters

Have you ever though of a game where all your favourite giant creatures fight against each other? Wouldn't it be cool? Well, not really, it's a pretty obvious idea. But the game's pretty nice and worth a try. I have two of these editions, but only one is complete with the gigantic poster. There aren't many of these around, each poster is individually numbered which means only a few were ever produced. I don't know how many. By the way the background image (which, by the way, you can't really see...) is from Ultraman. I wanted to add a Kamen Rider or Sentai image because I do like those shows and I don't know much about Ultraman, but that pic was nice and easy to find, so, ... whatever, just cut the crap...


  1. You lucky guy. I've been looking for this press kit for years. I have a promo box from the store, and a Japanese version of the game. I'm trying to get a Korean version as well. If you ever come across another War of the Monsters would you mind letting me know? Or a NiGHTS or Red Dead Revolver press kit... thanks.

  2. I already have two of these kits :) But one is missing the huge poster.