The King of the Beat'em Ups

There are plenty of beat'em ups that are really good. Tekken is among the good ones. I enjoyed playing Tekken 2 far more that I expected. I never owned it though. When Tekken 3 came out I knew I had to buy it. I played that game for years without getting tired. I managed to get some cool versions of the series, and I hpe to get Tekken 1 and 2 someday.
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Metal Gear Solid. Nothing else needs to be said.

I know, I know, there are things missing, such as the VR missions, the Premium Edition and the release pack of MGS2. The Premium Edition is one of the really important things I'm missing in my PS1 collection. It's just that I gave priority to other things and ended up leaving this edition behind for years. But I will get it eventually. Anyway, I think I have some rare items in my collection. Includes MGS1, MGS2 and its limited edition tin, MGS2 Substance MGS3 with HMV exclusive card sleeve and MGS3 Metal edition. I also have the MGS version for Game Boy colour, wich was left of the picture because... I forgot :P I will add more MGS games soon.
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My Gamecube Collection

Here it is, my gamecube collection. I have the limited edition console with the resident evil 4 game. It's all inside the box except the game itself. There are plenty of things I will get for this console whenever I have the chance. It's not my priority right now.

The collection includes Zelda The Four Swords with link cable, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat wth Kongas, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Zelda Wind Waker Limited Edition, Animal Crossing, Starfox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine, Baten Kaitos, Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles, Resident Evil 4 with the bonus disc, Metroid Prime and Eternal Darkness. I also have Geist.
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RPG forever...

Rpgs are probably the most fantastic gaming experiences. Not everyone likes these type of games, but they're great. Some of these games are truly remarkable. The story is so well done and intense that it almost makes you feel as one of the characters. Most games are not available in PAL version, meaning that I did not play a lot of claimed titles such as Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Wild Arms 2, Lunar I and II... well there are way too many to list... And remember: Final Fantasy are not the only good
RPGs out there.

The first picture shows two of my favourite games: Vagrant Story and Legend of Dragoon. They're both amazing. Legend of Dragoon has a really good plot, and it is not a Final Fantasy VII rip-off unlike many people say. Vagrant Story is a particular game. It's so unique, complex and beautiful that Square used similar battle concepts in Final Fantasy XII. This game never had the attention it deserved, sadly.

My collection includes what you see: Breath of Fire III and IV, Wild Arms, Grandia, Suikoden I and II, Vandal Hearts I and II, Alundra, Front Mission 3, Legend of Kartia, The Granstream Saga, Saga Frontier II, Legend of Legaia and Star Ocean: The Second Story. I'm still missing quite a few RPGs but I think I own the main ones. The empty spot at the bottom right corner is reserved for a particular game: Azure Dreams. Did you notice Konami has a big list of PAL RPGs that include some of the most wanted ps1 games?
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Driving is a pleasure

I really like to drive my car down the hill at night. Sometimes I go too fast and I can hear the tires while turning. Saddly I don't have a good car and it's not even an FR so it doesn't drift. It does slide sideways sometimes though. But I'm not that good a driver though. Thankfully, Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi came up with this great game. It's not perfect, but it's the best you can find. And I thought playing a "driving simulator" was not as good as playing a regular racing game. I was wrong.

My collection includes GT1, GT2, GT3, GT Concept Tokyo-Geneva, GT Concept Limited Edition, GT 4 Prologue, GT4, GT4 limited edition (two boxes), GT4 Nissan Micra Edition and the official Nissan Micra Roma kit that comes with another copy of the Micra Edition, GT4 Limited edition Toyota Demo (NTSC) and GT4 BMW test drive demo. I'm still missing a couple of games though, gotta get them when I have the chance.
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I love hot babes...

Miss Lara is one of them. I have been playing Tomb Raider since the first game was released. These games hide no secrets for me right now. The first games were great gaming experiences. Poor Core guys did a great job until they moved to the PS2 and released of Angel of Darkness (the 6th game). I still think Angel of Darkness had a great story but the gameplay was certainly a mess. Crystal Dynamics did a great job with the latest release.

Unfortunately, no handheld games with miss Croft in my collection at this moment.
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It's just fantasy

Do I like Final Fantasy games? Hell yeah. That's what I have for now. The most important ones are all there. Soon enough I'll get the older games and maybe move to others that weren't release outside Japan / US, such as Tactics or FFX-2 Final Mission. I'm still missing I+II for the GBA and XII wasn't released here yet.
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Saturn's friend

My playstation was bought almost two years after Saturn. I had them both connected side by side before I moved to PS2. After purchasing the PS2, my PS1 stopped working. I had to get it fixed. I sent the console alone to Sony and a couple of weeks later it came back to me, brand new and including all cables and a bonus controller. It's still brand new and kept inside its original box since then.
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Over ten years ago...

... I was lucky enough to purchase this thing. I played it quite a bit before I moved to the Playstation. *misses his old master system II given away... :(*
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My new blog

I've been a videogame fan since I was 6. By that time I did not have the money to buy games or consoles, so I had to rely on my friends to be able to play videogames. I managed to get a Master System 2 when I was 9 but stupidly my parents gave it to another kid after they bought me a Sega Saturn. That's right, I missed many important consoles like Megadrive/Genesis and SNES, even though I played them quite a bit. I was about 12 when I got my Sega Saturn. It was so hard for me to get it that I took very good care of it. One year later I bought a playstation. Since then, all my games are still in my collection, in mint /as new condition with almost no surface scratches (95% new when seen under a bright light) and including all inserts. That was quite an achievement for a 13 y.o. kid if you ask me. Right now, I'm taking my collection a bit seriously. I created this blog when I started buying games for older systems. I plan on collecting games for the main consoles I played as a kid and new generation consoles:
-Game Boy
-Game Boy Colour
-Game Boy Advance
-Game Gear
-Master System
-Sega Saturn
-Playstation 2

Right now I'm concentrated on PS1 and PS2 but I grab all oportunities I can to get the games on my wish list for the other consoles.


Another thing I like to collect is japanese robots and action figures, mostly based in videogames, anime or sentai shows. Many of the robots I own come from the japanese "power rangers" series, some of my faves when I was 7. I only care about the dx transformable versions and diecast action figures.
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