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I've been a videogame fan since I was 6. By that time I did not have the money to buy games or consoles, so I had to rely on my friends to be able to play videogames. I managed to get a Master System 2 when I was 9 but stupidly my parents gave it to another kid after they bought me a Sega Saturn. That's right, I missed many important consoles like Megadrive/Genesis and SNES, even though I played them quite a bit. I was about 12 when I got my Sega Saturn. It was so hard for me to get it that I took very good care of it. One year later I bought a playstation. Since then, all my games are still in my collection, in mint /as new condition with almost no surface scratches (95% new when seen under a bright light) and including all inserts. That was quite an achievement for a 13 y.o. kid if you ask me. Right now, I'm taking my collection a bit seriously. I created this blog when I started buying games for older systems. I plan on collecting games for the main consoles I played as a kid and new generation consoles:
-Game Boy
-Game Boy Colour
-Game Boy Advance
-Game Gear
-Master System
-Sega Saturn
-Playstation 2

Right now I'm concentrated on PS1 and PS2 but I grab all oportunities I can to get the games on my wish list for the other consoles.


Another thing I like to collect is japanese robots and action figures, mostly based in videogames, anime or sentai shows. Many of the robots I own come from the japanese "power rangers" series, some of my faves when I was 7. I only care about the dx transformable versions and diecast action figures.

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  1. Hi there I also have the limited edition tekken 2 disc, can you contact me to discuss it as I want to knwo more please.