RPG forever...

Rpgs are probably the most fantastic gaming experiences. Not everyone likes these type of games, but they're great. Some of these games are truly remarkable. The story is so well done and intense that it almost makes you feel as one of the characters. Most games are not available in PAL version, meaning that I did not play a lot of claimed titles such as Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Wild Arms 2, Lunar I and II... well there are way too many to list... And remember: Final Fantasy are not the only good
RPGs out there.

The first picture shows two of my favourite games: Vagrant Story and Legend of Dragoon. They're both amazing. Legend of Dragoon has a really good plot, and it is not a Final Fantasy VII rip-off unlike many people say. Vagrant Story is a particular game. It's so unique, complex and beautiful that Square used similar battle concepts in Final Fantasy XII. This game never had the attention it deserved, sadly.

My collection includes what you see: Breath of Fire III and IV, Wild Arms, Grandia, Suikoden I and II, Vandal Hearts I and II, Alundra, Front Mission 3, Legend of Kartia, The Granstream Saga, Saga Frontier II, Legend of Legaia and Star Ocean: The Second Story. I'm still missing quite a few RPGs but I think I own the main ones. The empty spot at the bottom right corner is reserved for a particular game: Azure Dreams. Did you notice Konami has a big list of PAL RPGs that include some of the most wanted ps1 games?

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