I usually don't have the habit of buying both PAL and NTSC versions of the same game. I usually just stick with PAL versions unless the NTSC one is very exclusive and important, but those are just a few exceptions I have in my collection.

However, I was forced to open another exception this time. Xenoblade Chronicles is by far my most favourite JRPG in recent years and I just couldn't resist getting the US version of the newest game.

I can easily tell the game has several flaws, including a few major ones, but even with all those flaws it's still am amazing game and I had a blast playing it. Nowadays, despite still buying a lot of stuff, it's not normal for me to spend over 100 hours in a single videogame. Knowing that I already spent about 170 hours playing this game and plan on returning to it some day again, you can probably tell how much I've liked this game. Too bad the ending sucks though...

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