Always hard to let things like this to pass by...

I'm at that point again when it's impossible to keep up with so much stuff being released at the same time, so I have to make decisions and just get what's really important.

Sometimes, however, some unexpected things pop up and it just isn't possible to let those things pass by. Some time ago, I've heard about an extremely limited edition of the videogame Superbeat Xonic in the United States. Sadly, costumers from around the world were not allowed to buy that. The good thing about something you definitely shouldn't be able to get is... you save the money to spend on something else. But then, limited editions and some underground games are always popping up to make you waste your money unexpectedly. That's true for those who have a weak spirit, like me...

And this suddenly appeared in Europe. Superbeat Xonic Limited Edition, individually numbered and limited to 500 pieces only. How could I let this one pass by? I couldn't. Just not possible.

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