Sack creatures everywhere

This is yet another press kit I was able to score not too long ago. I have not played Little Big Planet in a very long time and I don't know much about what's going on in this game, but I guess I can tell the same about almost every other recent game out there. Not enough patience or time to play, unfortunately... It's always tough to talk about stuff I wasn't able to play, so I just fill these posts with text that doesn't tell anything. Sucks, I know.

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This is a type of game that doesn't need presentation. Unfortunately I've missed the Prestige Edition because 1. it was very expensive and 2. my preorder was cancelled by Amazon... So I had to get Dark Souls III Collector's Edition locally...

Amazon used to be the best place to order almost anything, but lately it's been terrible with me, so... I just moved to local stores. Seriously, what the hell? I have been building my collection with awesomeness and thanks to some stupid mistake from a store I miss something as important as the Prestige Edition, which I will probably never own? Disgusting!

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I usually don't have the habit of buying both PAL and NTSC versions of the same game. I usually just stick with PAL versions unless the NTSC one is very exclusive and important, but those are just a few exceptions I have in my collection.

However, I was forced to open another exception this time. Xenoblade Chronicles is by far my most favourite JRPG in recent years and I just couldn't resist getting the US version of the newest game.

I can easily tell the game has several flaws, including a few major ones, but even with all those flaws it's still am amazing game and I had a blast playing it. Nowadays, despite still buying a lot of stuff, it's not normal for me to spend over 100 hours in a single videogame. Knowing that I already spent about 170 hours playing this game and plan on returning to it some day again, you can probably tell how much I've liked this game. Too bad the ending sucks though...

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And another!

And here's another one from NISA Europe, this time Stella Glow for the Nintendo 3DS. I love these guys, I love these editions and I hope to somehow get the ones I've missed in the future!

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NISA Europe Rules!

When I've lost my hopes in getting this edition because I missed the preorders, NISA Europe contacted me to warn about its availability. Those guys from that store are absolutely amazing. It's not every day that you can find such a great costumer service. I am glad they started selling these editions in Europe! The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition Limited Edition!

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Loved it!

It's certainly not one of the best press kits released so far, but it's super original: Tearaway Unfolded Press Kit!  A paper craft Dual Shock controller makes this Tearaway Unfolded press kit something creative. It immediately caught my attention and I really needed to get it. I'm glad I own it now :)

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