It's all about that bass

Now here's something I really wasn't expecting to do so early! Another update - a big one this time. The template was changed even though it looks the same. I didn't really feel like changing the layout but  this one has some improvements over the old one. The background's all black for now. The left bar was updated as well, but just slightly. A couple of changes on the way its contents are organized was enough to leave me satisfied for now.

The blog is much, much lighter now that I've added the "read more" functionality. That wasn't very easy to do, even when I had the full code and instructions. Instead of seeing large sized pictures on the main page and lots of annoying text, now you can only see a thumbnail and a short piece of the text. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time but for some reason I never really invested my time in doing it. Now that it's done, I feel that the old layout with the bigger images made this blog look much better and more appealing overall. At the same time, I also prefer the "read more" link and smaller posts of this newer setup, so I'm still a little confused about what to do. I will reevaluate my reaction to these new settings in the near future and see if I will leave it like this or return to the old style.

The full posts are available by clicking the "read more" link.  Clicking the "read more" link also counts towards the number of visits per post, something that did not happen when they were fully displayed at the home page. I'm a little interested about the number of visits my posts will receive now... humm!

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