All your update are belong to us

I believe I'm done with the updates. There are some stitches that still need to be removed, but most of the important things are done. All images now have the same aspect throughout the entire blog, many texts were aligned, a few errors and typos were corrected and all the labels were updated. I obviously didn't correct my own grammar because I can't even tell what kind of mistakes I write but I spotted some atrocities written a few years back and I had to fix those. I also removed most of the group pictures with a mess of regular games and editions as I explained earlier. Those are gone forever. Editing hundreds of older posts is an easy task, but a really boring one at the same time, especially in a slow computer like this laptop I'm currently using. It took me many hours to finish this task and it's hard to imagine it's not completely finished yet.

I still have to update three older pictures because I've used inappropriate images for the background, two of which have watermarks that belong to paid websites which I obviously didn't pay for. The third one has a background with soft nudity in it, which seemed fine when I originally posted but I now considered it to be a little bit too explicit. I usually don't favour censorship but there are limits, so I'll be replacing the background on that one as well. All that copyright stuff kinda sucks, honestly, but I've been a victim myself. I was quite amazed to receive a newsletter some time ago from ShopTo and they've used my picture posted in this blog to promote their sales for the Xenoblade Chronicles controller bundle. I am that kind of a nice guy and I just let them do it because 1. the background belongs to the game which has nothing to do with me and 2. it's just a non-professional picture I've taken myself with a replaced background. Maybe I should have sued them and asked for a lot of money? Nah, that only works in civilized countries, not in one like this that's in the second world, just like an immature teenager who's still determining its sexual orientation. And of course, I don't really care if they used it and would never sue anybody for that, even though they could just have asked. I like educated people.

The Facebook page is now up and running but still with zero contents. I will only use it to "post the posts" that I keep writing here anyway, as well as some other random stuff related to games that I might just feel like posting. No big deal.