Merry Christmas everyone :)

And it's that time of the year again, when everyone goes out on a shopping spree. I like Xmas but not as much as I used to - all the confusion I find in streets, supermarkets and shopping centres when I go out regularly make me stay at home when I wanted to go out, look for games and meet a few friends, but I can't stand noisy, crowded places.

Anyway, this year was average at best. So many wrong things are going on over here and will probably get worst the next years to come (think positively they say... yeah right...) which makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. 

Please meet the new family member... a Wii U console! This is the last console from the last gen, even though some people consider it current gen on par with Xbox One and PS4 (I certainly don't). And this may pretty much be the very last console I will be collecting games for.

The good news are: I didn't buy the console. I won it in a regular competition with an incredible amount of luck involved. I was actually pretty happy because I would not be buying it any time soon but I already had plenty of games for it, at least half of all the ones I want.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

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AC everywhere...

I am still not sure if this was a good or a bad decision, but I've bought the portuguese version of Assassin's Creed Buccaneer Edition. It's exclusive to a store over here and most are either sold or in terrible condition because these editions are victims of torture by regular retailers who simply don't care about the sh!t they sell. It took me some time to find a near mint one. This is the PS3 version because it's the only one available in Portuguese. All the other versions for different systems come in Spanish only...

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A small step for man...

I've made some small updates to this blog in the last couple of days. I've read through several posts and corrected a few grammar errors and typos, but there's still too much that could be done. 

However, the greatest improvement should be the labels. I'm still in the middle of the process to add new labels and update the current ones in existing posts, but right now if you filter the posts by using labels the results should be far more accurate than before. Unfortunately blogger doesn't allow more than 20 labels per post and there are some pictures with too many games and editions that easily fit several labels, so I had to restrict which labels I could use and leave many behind. These posts with too much stuff in them are always labelled as Misc.

More pics of new stuff coming shortly :)
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Since we were talking about AC...

Here's a little extra I received not too long ago: the exclusive Austrian wooden box of Assassin's Creed Revelations. This one was also for the Xbox 360 and it was very cheap: only 14 euros. The game is used, but I just wanted the box anyway :). It's called Black Edition, which is not the most original name for an AC edition considering the second instalment already received something with the exact same name. 

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Being a pirate is... expensive!

It finally arrived, the yearly fever of Assassin's Creed collectors is here and this time it brought us two very special editions among other equally important press kits, editions and promotional items.

Ubishop, the online store I hate the most for valid reasons, released one exclusive Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: the Black Chest Edition, which I was able to get for the Xbox 360 thanks to a very kind buddy from CE. Thanks a lot Sneaks, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to obtain this edition unless I paid stupid eBay prices :)

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