PC only? It's a lie!

It arrived at last, the sought after Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and I quite enjoyed the package. It has a 3D effect quite similar to the Auditore Edition of Assassin's Creed Revelations with the  usual wolf logo. This is another one I'm keeping sealed and the main reason why I bought it it's because it suddenly became sold out!

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So good...

The spiritual successor of Shenmue gets another release, and it's the 5th game in european territory. Yakuza Dead Souls received this steelbook limited edition. I loved this game, yet I've only played up to the 3rd title and didn't finish it. But I really enjoyed the storyline. The gameplay was average at first but once I started to get used to the fighting system I loved it! I really did. I am still missing the australian versions of the previous game, but with time I'll get them. I'm just quite glad that I bought this, even though I hate steelbooks.

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Yes, impressive! I don't see many press kits lying around in my country. Actually, I've only seen like 4 or 5 at most over the years. Then one day I was looking at this website and came across something that caught my attention because I had never seen it bfore: playable review codes for both Ico & Shadow of Colossus HD + God of War Collection Vol. 2 with a unique package. It certainly is not a very big deal, but for a collector like me, I couldn't resists. It's the first and only time I ever saw this. How could I miss it, especially knowing they now complete my collection of games from two important series. And I don't have the retail versions yet as well but now I do have a special copy of the two games =)

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That awkward moment...

... when I'm not sure if I've already post something about a new purchase I made. I don't update this blog a lot of times mainly because I don't have the time. After a while I forget if I have already posted pictures of a particular game or not. Happened this time with the Sonic Generations Press Kit that I got a few months ago.

Very sweet. This one even includes a promo copy of the game =)

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So Come For Press Kit!

And yet another Socom game was released and with it a fairly original press kit. It seemed bad when I first saw it, but after I finally managed to purchase one. This is an inflatable press kit. It originally came with all the air. Seems waterproof as well but I don't intend to find out by myself if it really is. The contents are okay, a little poor, but the package that seems to be just a crappy plastic bag it's actually pretty nice, far better than I expected (not wonderful though, but good enough anyway).

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'It sucks and it's very expensive', I said. 'No way I'll get it!'

I lied. I honestly wasn't expecting to buy this edition because the price seems very off considering the contents and the quality of the head gear. However, I still made a preorder on amazon to make sure I wouldn't miss it if it really became sold out and hard to get. That never really happened fortunately.

As I was walking around the videogame section of a particular store, I noticed the new Saint Seiya game was on the shelves already. With it I also noticed the myth Cloth Box Edition. That edition is pretty weak... The box is dull gray and not shiny, it has an average size, it only brings a DLC code and a t-shirt and all the items are loose inside the box. What a shame...

Suddenly, the wild Head Gear Edition appears in from of my eyes. At first I didn't eve realize that was the real thing. I can only think of a particular box that rivals the huge size this edition has, and it's the Crysis 2 Nano Edition. Yeah, the Head Gear Edition has almost the same size. And the box looks very good. I must say that the shiny packaging is an irresistible eyecandy unlike the cheaper collector's edition. Still, I resisted the initial temptation and didn't buy it. I came home and tried to find unboxing videos of that edition. I eventually found a french website with pictures. That's when I suddenly realised that the head gear included was made by branpresto and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 5000 exist...

A couple of days later I visited this store and found one edition for a cheaper price than amazon. That was the final drop. I immediately grabbed it and bought it before I changed my mind. In the end: totally worth it!

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When I first heard about this...

And here I was surfing on the internet... and suddenly I found out about this particular Mass Effect 3 Alliance Edition limited to 1200 copies and exclusive to Gamestop Italy. How great, a very limited edition from a store that does not ship internationally even though they have stores in most european countries!

Not just that... it was already sold out. Awesome! I missed something far more interesting than the regular n7 edition, because the N7 edition is in fact included in that major box set!

Well, after making my mind and deciding to sell some stuff I have, I finally got enough money to order one off ebay for a far higher price.

I must say that I am actually disappointed with it in the end... It certainly looks something really good but it's so... I don't know, the quality is quite low! The notebook is just that, an empty notebook with nothing on it and a Mass Effect cover. Other than that it's close to worthless. The Alliance ship model doesn't have a proper package and it can be bought separately. The supposed lithograph is just a printed sticker. The N7 edition actually DOES NOT FIT because the space reserved for the game is only for the regular game and not for the CE. That SUCKS! And the interiors are made of very fragile card and as a result my edition came slightly damaged and I now I'm trying to fix it. The only thing that makes it worth it is the low numbers produced. Other than that, it's a good edition to be purchased for 130 euros (the original retail price) but not worth far more than that...
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Tools of Mass Creativity

One of the most impressive press kits I have ever seen. I nave knew it existed in the first place. Its awesomeness deserved more than just a picture with a background, so as a result, here's the unboxing video I've posted on Youtube:

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