What? An NTSC game? No way!

Again, it's not every day that I buy NTSC games. It's a shame I know, but since I don't have money for everything (really, I am far from being rich. I'm not kidding!) I usually just focus on PAL versions. If someone out there actually pays attention to all the crap I write in my blog, I might get shot for saying I only collect PAL games again. But when a Special Edition like this appears for a little over 10 euros, it's pretty tough to let it go. This was one of Play-Asia's promotions. ThE game, Otomedius Excellent is not going to be released over here. It's an average shooter according to the media, but for a little over 10 euros plus shipping it was totally worth. I decided to skip the NTSC Deathsmile CE though.

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