They want one piece. I want dozens.

Yet another popular anime-based game released in Europe, this time for One Piece. These CEs are worth quite a bit - well, they're not, but fans pay for it. It was pretty tough to get this for a decent price because I cancelled my preorder. After two failed attempts to get this for a decent price I finally managed to score. This was sold out on Amazon and I believe it wasn't released in the UK, but I was lucky enough to find a remaining copy of One Piece Pirate Warriors Collector's Edition on Amazon.it for a lower price than the RRP. I don't know how that's possible, since the game was sold out and all other copies for sale by independent sellers were not available under 100 euros. I will keep my edition sealed but I saw unboxing videos and the boat replica is actually a pretty decent bonus for fans. I might be wrong but it seems this CE was not produced in very big numbers. The box might not be too big, but the boat is as nearly as big as the box, which is a fairly decent size for someone like me who wasn't expecting much more than some sort of "gashapon" figure. You have to build a fe wpieces of the boat and optionally add some stickers to it - that's the only bad part: the stickers.

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