Ratcher & Clank All for (yet another) One

Yep, it's here, the newest title from the series. I always preferred Jak over Ratchet but game developers don't seem to think likewise so Jak never had the opportunity to have his own game published on PS3. Sucks. The Portuguese Edition is fully in Portuguese (obvious comment is obvious) but what I meant to say here is that even the title this time was translated unlike the previous game that retained the original English title. That sucks though, I would prefer to see the English title because that's the official thing. Does Sony think the Portuguese Market is just like the Spanish one or something? It ain't.

So here's this particular variant that you'll not get because you don't care: Ratchet & Clank: Um por Todos Edição de Coleccionador, which translates to "Ratchet & Clank One for All Collector's Edition" (Captain Obvious to the rescue). See, you now know how to write some stuff in Portuguese! Isn't that awesome? I waited a little bit to see if the price of this game would drop, and it happened last weekend.

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