Mirror's Edge Steelbook. Another good example...

... of an item that is ending for ABSURD prices and was even given as an offer if you bought the original game from a particular retailer in Spain... Mirror's Edge Steelkbook. This thing was found for very cheap prices until the international videogame community figured it was available only in Spain. So, when a few finally appeared, those international buyers decided to pay 100s of euros for it. And I'm not exaggerating. This thing sold for 500 euros... And thanks to that, some sellers decided they should list their own copies with buy it now prices raging from 250 to 450. The price is slowly dropping because not everyone is willing to pay so much for a single steelbook except for the rich hardcore collectors, but this certainly is not worth that much... I paid a very reasonable amount for this even being an unsealed steelbook simply because I know how much is worth. But, unlike many other buyers, I didn't get this to resell...
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The game was originaly released for PC and PS1. This press kit is specifficaly for PC since includes the CDROM and not the PS1 promo, but I loved it and decided to get it. I didn't regret! It's one of the older generation press kits but looks great!
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3rd game, 3rd press kit. The weakest of'em all...

Another example of stupidly high prices for an item that's not THAT special is this Resistance 3 Press Kit. Just a folded cardboard sleeve holding two separate discs that resemble downscaled vinyls. Look at the number on it... this basically means over 7000 have been made, yet people still pay over 70 for this thing. Ah well... It cost me half that price with shipping included and that's the only reason why I got it in the first place. No matter how much I love these editions, the fact is that I don't have that much money to pay for them. Always digging the best deal out there. It's getting harder and harder to collect these things nowadays... This was supposed to come with toy soldiers on a separate package, but I consider that more like a bonus item since the press kit itself is only the 2 disc case. Besides, I didn't really confirmed this but I believe these toy soldiers are exactly the same that come with the Survivor Edition... if so, then I really don't mind.
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That's fast!

One of the best racers on PSP and one of the reasons why owning the console really is worth it. I don't know why but I really like to see wipeout games on the PSP, they seem to fit the console pretty well. I don't think the same about many other ports or spinoffs that seem more suitable to be played at home with a big screen. This is the Wipeout Puls Press Kit, still factory sealed.
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Persona 2

Persona is one popular RPG series released in  japan for... a long time. The series only arrived in Europe way too late and as usual it didn't get the same treatment in Europe. We get some of the games once in a while, when certain independent publishers randomly decide to bring these titles to Europe. This one was borught by Ghostlight. I am very happy to know that these companies exist in Europe, otherwise we wouldn't be receiving such games... Persona 2 Collector's Edition for PSP, directly from Ghostlight's website.

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Game and Watch Reborn

Managed to grab this Nintendo DS console press kit. Looks pretty good, the only problem is that it doesn't come with games. It's basically a dossier with pages that contain information about some of the exclusive titles, such as Trauma Center, Braintraining, Tetris and a few others. Some of the games have their own press disc included in the dossier, which is great! Loved it
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Dreamcast portuguese bundles: controller + game!

Just like Master System received the Purple Editions and Mega Drive received certain variants with Mega Drive covers but Genesis carts and manuals (no comments...) and the warranty sticker directly printed in the official cover, Dreamcast also received these little bundles. I believe these weren't available in other countries or if they were then they're extremely scarce and I have not been able to target but a few of them.

The one I recently bought is Crazy Taxi + Controller bundle with themed sleeve. The only thing that provides some exclusivity to these bundles is actually the sleeve. So far I got Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis and Another one with just a sticker and the game Rainbow Six included. I know there are others such as the Sega Rally and Space Channel 5 bundles but I am yet to find out more. These were available very cheap when stores decided to get rid of the DC stuff after it died but unfortunately I totally ignored them and now they're much harder to find.
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Saint's Row again... The Third Platinum Pack arrived

I never really paid much attention to Saint's Row, but I have bought the 2nd game's CE and now this particular Platinum edition that dropped to 50% during Amazon's Black Friday's lightning deals. I must say that... The edition is quite weak... The headphones can't be directly connected to the console to be used on live and their quality is... well they say it's good but I'm not quite sure how good it is. The package on PS3 is pretty bad because there's no window showing the headphones and the box is far more simplistic -I'm talking about the PAL UK version. I'm glad I have the 360 version. The contents are nothing more that the OST and a few DLCs also available on other editions. I really didn't like this edition that much, so I rate it 6.5/10 considering its expensive price. Play.com said this was exclusive to them, but Amazon also has it. However, when I heard there was actually a PAL version of this particular edition it was already sold out on Play.com and amazon was selling it for *only* 99.99 pounds. Considering the contents, this is trully only for serious fans in my opinion cause that things' damn expensive!
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Happy Birthday Zelda =)

25 years after the amazing legend was born, we received a special edition 3DS Console to celebrate. I'm not the sort to collect limited edition consoles, but there are too many Zelda nut fans and I decided I should buy this thing before those nut fans go nuts again and prevent me from getting a goodf deal for this console in the future. Better now than ever.

And it's not just the console alone, there's also a special edition of the game with a wiimote bundle. For the price being asked and knowing this is a Zelda game I'd be stupid if I let it go. I have been playing the game and it's pretty good in fact. However, I can't get used to the controllers so for this particular reason the game is not as enjoyable as it could be. Graphically speaking it's good but not THAT good, after all we've been recently spoiled by a game called Xenoblade and its amazing scenarios. The character design in Zelda is quite better though, at least in closer view. Overall, if I was a reviewer I wouldn't give this game the uber scores it's been getting but I'd still put it on my Wii all time favourites chart. I'm halfway through the game already and I'm enjoying it! This game, Xenoblade and hopefully the upcoming titles in Europe (Pandora's Tower and Last Story) will certainly be the best moments on the Wii for me =).
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Kingdom Hearts pain to get...

With the newly released Collector's Edition titles for PSP (I'm talking about Persona 2 and Trails in the Sky...) I remembered I have been missing a particular PSP Edition for a long time now and it was becoming a pain to find a factory sealed copy. It's the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Special Edition in factory sealed condition. Damn it was not that easy to find a good price for this thing as all the deals I've found for a seald copy were usually 50 euros or more. Finally I found a place selling that for almost half the price. It was now or never folks... so I got it =)
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