Dreamcast portuguese bundles: controller + game!

Just like Master System received the Purple Editions and Mega Drive received certain variants with Mega Drive covers but Genesis carts and manuals (no comments...) and the warranty sticker directly printed in the official cover, Dreamcast also received these little bundles. I believe these weren't available in other countries or if they were then they're extremely scarce and I have not been able to target but a few of them.

The one I recently bought is Crazy Taxi + Controller bundle with themed sleeve. The only thing that provides some exclusivity to these bundles is actually the sleeve. So far I got Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis and Another one with just a sticker and the game Rainbow Six included. I know there are others such as the Sega Rally and Space Channel 5 bundles but I am yet to find out more. These were available very cheap when stores decided to get rid of the DC stuff after it died but unfortunately I totally ignored them and now they're much harder to find.


  1. I have one with Virtua Athlete 2K, do you know more than:

    Virtua Tennis
    SEGA Rally 2
    Virtua Athlete 2K
    Crazy Taxi

    Never saw these type of packs for Space Channel 5 and the one with Rainbow Six is just a sticker on the normal box?

    1. There's one of these packs that comes with two games including Space Channel 5. I've seen it personally several times but I never owned it. The Rainbow Six pack is just a sticker on the box.

  2. Thx, btw. the Virtua Athlete Pack is a double pack with Chu Chu Rocket too.... :)