The Way I am #4 - So what do I collect?

Well, my mind was all set to write the rest of the things I wanted to write a couple of days ago, but unfortunately I am too tired and I can't quite remember what else I was going to write at that moment. But still, I just feel like writing. So that's what I am going to do.

I've told you a little bit of my story already. However, before going any further, I'd like to talk about the things I collect. It's true that sometimes I buy some games that are not so good or special. However, I usually have a reason to buy a particular game except in a few occasions.

First, I started to buy all the good games I missed when I had money for almost nothing. I also tried to find factory sealed copies of my favourite games in the meantime, as well as special editions of the best games. Soon enough I put together many special editions and my interest in these started to grow even more. I started to buy other limited editions for games that I did not care so much before. As a collector I was about to face the hardest challenge I ever faced: getting those press kits. It was pretty hard, really. If I didn't love my collection, I'd probably just give up in the process after growing tired.

I also realized that my favourite genre was by far RPGS so at one point I also focused in getting all the RPGs I could find. So my collection grew a lot on PAL RPGs.

Once I collected the majority of games I wanted for each particular console, with time and luck I started to find other rare and obscure titles that I would consider to be a shame to miss them.

The factory sealed madness started pretty soon when I decided to get my favourite games in sealed condition. However, this objective was never accomplished. The only reason why I wanted those sealed games was because that was the very best possible condition for a game that could be found, and as a collector I always care way too much about the condition of my games, specially the ones I trully love! The second reason why I started to collect factory sealed games was simply because there was no time to play all the games. So I started to leave some games unopened. Finally, the third reason why I collect sealed games is... simply because I realized how fascinating it was to have a collection of factory sealed games, in their best possible condition. It's a total different level that many people fail to understand and even I have problems explaining why it's so fascinating.

Nowadays, I collect so many games that it's hard to make a list with the criteria I use to chose wether a game is worth being in my collection or not - and I'm not talking about the condition here, I'm really talking about games or specific editions of games. And - believe me - I do have criteria to help me decide.

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