Summer vacation...

This has not been updated for a while. I have some new stuff in my collection and I should update this soon. I recently bought a Nintendo DS and 3 games for it. I'm now too busy playing it :P. Expect more pics within next week.
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Hadouken? No wait, this is bigger...

Stop saying Dragon Ball sucks. It's just different from the other anime. If you're a Dragon Ball fan like I was, avoid the PS1 games at all costs. Ultimate Battle 22 is beyond horrible. Final Bout is... well... playable... The Budokai series kicks major ass. Budokai 1 is good. Budokai 2 is very good. Budokai 3 is Excellent. Tenkaichi is not really a budokai game, but good anyway. Budokai 3 deserves a place in any collection.
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Getaway... or get caught?

The Getaway. An example of a good game that could be much better. I really enjoyed playing the first game, but I recognize the gamepaly is not as good as it could be. This game lacks interaction with the rest of the city and kinda fails to provide the real city environment. It's certainly worth playing though. Currently I own The Getaway, The Getaway commemorative edition, The Getaway Metallic box and The Getaway Black monday Promo videtape box. Still missing the original Black Monday game, but no big deal since I can get that any time for a good price. There are other priorities for me.
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Rally is what I call the most advanced driving challenge . One must master most driving techniques, learn how to drive in any surface, in any weather condition and as fast as possible. It's something like the ultimate challenge for the real driver. Nothing in the world of professional racing is as intense as rally. I do enjoy other types of racing challenges such as GT, Drifting or Street Racing. Whatching movies of those insane drift battles in Japan is pretty cool. The "rally spirit" is something totally different though. Anyway, my WRC collection includes basically boxsets for WRC 1, 3 and 4. I also have the original WRC4 game and I'll buy the regular ones if I ever see a good chance. I also want to buy more driving games. There are so many... Burnout, Midnight Club, Need for Speed... I almost have no games from those series :( Man, my collection is far from what I consider the "ideal collection"...
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Originality at its best

5 games... All of them are unique and different from most of the others... If you collect games and don't own these, you should consider getting them as soon as possible. ICO and Shadow of Colossus are adventure games like no other. Katamari, Rez and Alien Hominid are examples of games that stretch the developer's originality and creativity. Tese are totally different gaming experiences in my opinion. Gotta love t play katamari :)
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Just turned 23!

Yeah that's right, yesterday was my birthday and I juyst turned 23. Major update today to celebrate, with more pictures of my collection :)
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