Rally is what I call the most advanced driving challenge . One must master most driving techniques, learn how to drive in any surface, in any weather condition and as fast as possible. It's something like the ultimate challenge for the real driver. Nothing in the world of professional racing is as intense as rally. I do enjoy other types of racing challenges such as GT, Drifting or Street Racing. Whatching movies of those insane drift battles in Japan is pretty cool. The "rally spirit" is something totally different though. Anyway, my WRC collection includes basically boxsets for WRC 1, 3 and 4. I also have the original WRC4 game and I'll buy the regular ones if I ever see a good chance. I also want to buy more driving games. There are so many... Burnout, Midnight Club, Need for Speed... I almost have no games from those series :( Man, my collection is far from what I consider the "ideal collection"...

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