Samurai Spirit

Onimusha series. Resident evil gameplay with swords and a much more dynamic gameplay. I really like this sort of games. My collection includes the original Onimusha game, Onimusha2, Onimusha 2 promo edition with an interesting card box and the Onimusha 3 Special edition with the bonus "making of" DVD as well as an outer sleeve. Unfortunately, the lack of cash and a few priorities are the main reason why I did not purchase the last Onimusha game yet. I don't really care about the Blade Warriors or the portable games but I might consider buying them some time later. Of all the games, I must say I liked the first two but I did not find the last one that interesting. However, the CGI intro of the 3rd game is one of the best and most impressive intros I have ever seen in a game, with very good battle scenes.

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