Jones must be jealous

Now that this series needs to be coming to its end with the release of the 4th title next year, Sony brought us back yet another HD compilation. I obviously had to buy it...

For those who already played the games on the PS3, this really isn't anything new. It might be the HD version but I'm sure the gaming experience with those gorgeous PS3 graphics can't be improved by much. However, if you have not played the games before, this is a complete MUST. Seriously, go buy it. I really want to play the 4th title and that will be a nuisance because I don't want to open my CE box. Thankfully I might have some friends who wont mind to lend me their used copies shortly after the game is released :P

In case you're wandering what the box on the right is, it's just a preorder box for the regular game. Yep. Still a good collectible though. Even  though I preordered the game, nobody gave me this box so I had to buy it separately.

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