My Order arrived on release date

Sometimes I have this feeling that I'm always complaining about the editions I buy. I wonder what people who read this blog think about it. Am I crazy for spending extra money on pricey editions and games just to complain about? Do I really like most of the stuff I post here or is it just a fetish or an addiction to buy every single one of these? Kinda...

The Order 1886 is another one of those games I'd love to be playing right now, but unfortunately I can't. Not until I solve my problems at home, and that will take a few months. By the time I'm done, I'll probably move on to other games and this one will be left behind. There's a top three this year that I want to play no matter what, unless of course they add DMR or require online connection all the time. No matter how hardcore I am, I do not support that. I just hope that everything is solved by the time those big games come out. 

This Blackwater Edition was a major disappointment. I do welcome smaller editions for cheaper prices, so I don't really complain about the fact that we didn't receive one of the huge editions with large statues as those released in the US. But if I'm going to spend additional money on one game, then it rather be worth it. I rarely ever buy brand new game releases unless they have a limited edition, and even still I don't buy all the limited editions on release date. I just do that when I'm guessing it will be sold out or when I truly like the game and/or the edition related to it. 

It's pretty clear that this game was one of the big hits, and big hits are usually very sought after. Considering this, I've made up my mind about picking this edition on release date. Unfortunately, as the edition was heading my way, I had the chance to open one and see the contents. I was rather disappointed. First of all, the necklace it comes with or whatever that is, is pretty pointless. In my opinion, it's not interesting, charismatic, whatsoever. It has little meaning to me. Secondly, the exclusive cover of the game inside this edition is horrible. The regular game has a much prettier cover and they could have easily added that one with the name of the edition of it if they wanted it to differ from the regular solo version. Even the steelbook edition is much prettier and for a moment I considered that to be the best purchase. The problem is that I hate steelbooks, even when I have to keep them sealed. I already quit buying all the Portuguese editions, so I won't bother getting that one as an extra. The rest of the content in this edition is fine, but it feels not enough. I don't care about DLCs but still got one of those papers with a useless code I'll probably never activate.

The edition doesn't come sealed. I mean, it does come sealed with your good old sticker on the box flaps, but not with cellophane or shrinkwrap. It comes in one of those types of clear plastic cases that allow them to print all the useless information almost nobody cares about while sparing the actual box from having all that trash directly on it. It also makes these editions look neat. The same type of plastic cases that get easily scratched if they are mishandled by distributors, stores and warehouses, which they obviously are and all parties involved in the making (including designers) know about that. They then look ugly, worn out, old, no longer mint. When used copies pop up at stores, they'll probably look even worse. Adding some cellophane around the box provides additional protection before the edition is sold but nobody cares. In the end, they are just concerned about sales. Nobody is concerned about professionalism, nobody is concerned about taking these things more seriously. They are just videogames and videogames are just  I'm not an expert about limited editions and packages, but I also don't get paid to put these on sale and do an average job at best.

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